Saturday, March 29, 2014

A sweet spin on 2 Point Perspective Drawing

One of our MNPS curriculum skills for fourth graders is perspective drawing, both one and two point! I found an image on Pinterest of a candy box drawn in perspective and thought what a neat way to teach 2-point to students. Not bad practice of drawing from life either! I had the students follow along with me in drawing their boxes in perspective, then I passed out actual candy boxes for them to draw from. It was up to them to draw the lettering and images in perspective along the sides of the box, which they did a pretty good job. Here are some of the better examples, and as always more can be found on my artsonia page linked at the top of my blog! :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Considering Pursuing Your Masters???

So about a year and a half ago I decided and have since started to pursue my masters degree in art education. I apologize for the serious lack of blogging this past year... But this may I plan on walking in the Boston University's College of Fine Arts graduation ceremony to receive my MA in Art Education! The experience has been really great and I'm so glad I decided to attend BU. Nearly the entire program is online, and is geared towards the working art teacher. However, the best part I feel is the on campus summer studio session in Boston for 10 days. Here I met some amazing fellow educators from all over the world and have formed life long bonds. If it wasn't for attending this summer studio and making friends, I wouldn't much care about going back to graduate.

Needless to say I'm not done yet! Currently I am working on my masters research paper, the final piece in the completion of my degree. For my research I was inspired by the Yoginos program started at the Crow collection in Dallas by Elizabeth Reese. So I am studying the effects of yoga in the art classroom. I'm also currently teaching at Cheekwood on Saturdays... I know I'm a busy person. Here are some photos from last summers studio session in Boston as well as some recent goings on in my art class. Thanks for stopping by!

  My Bruce Monroe inspired wood block. 

                           Book Arts class! 
I might have gotten a bit carried away :) New favorite medium! 

Justin West's incredible tunnel book inspired by children's illustrations! 

My amazing friend Jenny from Ohio! 
Kindergarten paper sculptures :)
3rd grade color wheels! 

One point perspective shape drawings... 4th grade

Even better 2-point perspective candy boxes! 4th grade :)

My new toy!

New goals and research... Creating a more relaxed learning environment :) 

More to come!