Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Showing off a Little... and hopefully Selling out!

So my announcement isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. I've been invited to show/ display/ sell my work at some local events coming up! The first I will be displaying some of my necklaces and a bit of pottery at the Renaissance Centers' annual student pottery sale on Saturday December 5th, if you're around stop by! The other event is in Nashville on December 11th. Please come!!! At the "Artists in Nashville" December Art party I will be showing my figures, pottery, as well as my necklaces!

For more information on the Renaissance Center click here

Monday, November 16, 2009

Presented at TAEA/ and it was a TRIP!

This weekend was the TN art educators state wide conference in Gatlinburg TN at Arrowmont School for Crafts! As mentioned in earlier blogs I was selected as a super- session presenter! My presentation was called "Art for All tricks and tips for your Inclusion friendly classroom!" The morning of my presentation (which it was at 1pm) I tripped and fell down the stairs in the house I was staying at on Arrowmont campus and sprained my ankle. First an ambulance crew came- told me I needed x-rays because they couldn't tell how bad my ankle was without it. So someone from TAEA brought me to the doctor there in Gatlinburg. I was so upset at that point I truly did not think that we were going to make it back in time for my presentation! Fortunately they after sitting there a while we were in and out and able to make it back in time to present! I had 20 people show up-some stood in back because a lack of seating even! Miss Bonnie even came and sat front row. I had started late, didn't have lunch, and still received rave reviews from my peers on my presentation! Afterwards the only criticism that my mentor gave me was that I should not have read from the slides- this I did not know but now know for nationals! Kelly said other than that I was dead on every point that I made, thought it was great I had so many questions, and that the resources I brought were awesome!

Aside from my awesome experience presenting I also got to make a honey dipper in wood turning which was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Below is a photo of my honey dipper and Miss Bonnie Rushlow holding up my boot after my presentation!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Frist Art Center/ Art Quest/ and Sunshine Art Gallery!!!

Today I took my students to Nashville. We went to the Frist and Art Quest as usual. Something new in artquest is their awesome animation station!!! Below are some photos and videos of what my students created!

Animation in Action!!!

Last but not least we did something I haven't ever done with my students before. I took them to the sunshine art gallery in the Tennessee Art League to visit with Shaunna a professional artist there. The students asked questions and Shaunna talked about her creative process. The students were very excited to see a real professional artists studio space!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pumpkins... classic jackolanterns and New England Pride

I don't care that the red soxs didn't make it this year to the series... I still love them!