Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dale Chihuly coming to Nashville!!!!

Check out this article about Chihuly's artwork coming to cheekwood and there will also be an exhibit at the Frist at the same time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

El Dia De Los Muertos: Skulls in Progress

To celebrate the day of the dead we are kicking it up a notch from last years stuffed coloring sheets of skulls. We are making skull masks using paster gauze and plastic mask mold forms. Once dry the students are decorating them with sharpie markers, paint, sequins, and glitter glue! Of course the project will be followed up with a lesson on the Day of the Dead, a video on the holiday and we will be making sugar skulls.
Students smoothing out the plaster over the masks. Notice that there are circles drawn around the eyes and nose, this is to keep the students from covering up those areas. Skulls do not have eyes and noses only cavities where they are supposed to be.
Students use sharpies, paint, and glitter glue to decorate thier skulls with.
One of the final products. More to come! All will be posted on our schools account!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Artsonia Artist of the Week Finalist! GO VOTE!!!!

Dear friends,

Great News! Kenneth595, from The King's Daughters' School, has been selected as a finalist for this week's "Artist of the Week" award for the 10th-12th age group. The finalist who receives the most online votes between now and Saturday October 17 will be selected as our "Artist of the Week."

To view the finalists and cast your vote, simply click on the link below. Voting is limited to one vote per computer per day for each age group!

The "Artist of the Week" will be featured on the Artsonia homepage and will receive a commemorative plaque from Artsonia. In addition, Blick Art Materials has generously donated $100 gift certificates to the winning teachers and $50 to the winning artists.

All fan club members from The King's Daughters' School have just been sent an email inviting them to vote, but we encourage you to personally spread the word at school, making sure all your students cast their votes right away!

Thank you for submitting your artwork to Artsonia and helping every child be an artist!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

too cute!

2010 NAEA Conference Presenter!!!

I received two offical e-mails this morning notifying me on the acceptance status of my two proposals. The one titled : Special Needs, Art and IEP's... Oh MY! was accepted!!! I am so excited! The other one job searching outside the box was rejected- but I will re-write it and try again for next year. I was so exicted about the first e-mail reading congradulations, that I originally miss read the second one... but its ok because I did read the first one correct and I am presenting at NATIONALS!!!! Hope to see all my fabulous art teacher friends there!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chilean Rainsticks!

Over a year ago the Frist Center hosted a free teacher workshop through VSA. Through that workshop we learned how to make rainsticks. Now I made rainsticks in grade school myself but I have to say that these were a lot cooler! We used a heavy cardboard tube- from the papertowel rolls in the schools bathroom, nails, rice & beans, wrapped the tubes in wall paper (from sampler books), and decorated them with strung beads, feathers, etc. Ever since my janitor has been saving those tubes for me. Finally inspired by all the rain that TN has been having, I decided it was about time to make them. The students learned where rainsticks are originally from- Chile, what continent Chile is found on (HELLO social studies CONNECTIONS :) and what the rainsticks were used for, essentially a prayer for rain to come. The students have LOVED working on these! Two weeks and a nasty burn from the glue gun later they are nearly all finished. Here is a list of the materials that we used:

paper towel tube
power drill (drill holes into the tube)
tooth picks
rice & beans
wall paper sample books
yarn/ string
pony beads
crep paper
hot glue gun - (to only be used by the teacher!)
rubber bands
masking tape
sharpie markers
scissors/ paper cutter
Check out all of the finished Rainsticks @