Sunday, March 1, 2009

The first post yay!

First and foremost I want to thank Ted, for having such an awesome blog of his own that has convinced me to create one for my classroom happenings as well! I also want to thank him for showing me around his artroom on Friday- it is always a treat to visit another classroom for ideas, inspirations, and seeing how another teacher of the same subject as yours handles their classroom.

There really are no too classrooms alike so I want to encourage all teachers to ask their principal for a day where they go and visit another teachers' classroom from another district or alternative school to gather ideas and such. After visiting two classrooms this past month I have to say that I still have tons to learn about teaching. 

I plan on posting some photos up this week sometime from the past month. Here is a link photos from our schools Black History Month Celebration Assembly last week. 


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  1. WAY TO BLOG!!!!!!!!! I look forward to it growing & changing...and showing your perspective of our profession!!! Blog on...

    -Ted E