Monday, August 31, 2009

Sculptamolding VanGogh's Starry Night!

After talking with the students about how very thick VanGogh's paintings were- we made some super thick paintings starting with a layer of sculptamold over crinkled up taped down newpaper! Super Chunky and Super FUN!

Creating the understructure using newpaper and medical tape (because it was donated to us and it worked well for the project!)

Spreading the wet sculptamold over the matt board and newpaper understructure.

Painting the projects once the sculptamold was dry. I waited a couple days to make sure that the sculptamold was good and dry. The students pallets were limited to metalic silver, gold, pink, blue, and flat blue and yellow.

Check out the results!

All of the individual Artworks have been submitted to Artsonia under the King's Daughers' School and should be up within a few days!

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