Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chilean Rainsticks!

Over a year ago the Frist Center hosted a free teacher workshop through VSA. Through that workshop we learned how to make rainsticks. Now I made rainsticks in grade school myself but I have to say that these were a lot cooler! We used a heavy cardboard tube- from the papertowel rolls in the schools bathroom, nails, rice & beans, wrapped the tubes in wall paper (from sampler books), and decorated them with strung beads, feathers, etc. Ever since my janitor has been saving those tubes for me. Finally inspired by all the rain that TN has been having, I decided it was about time to make them. The students learned where rainsticks are originally from- Chile, what continent Chile is found on (HELLO social studies CONNECTIONS :) and what the rainsticks were used for, essentially a prayer for rain to come. The students have LOVED working on these! Two weeks and a nasty burn from the glue gun later they are nearly all finished. Here is a list of the materials that we used:

paper towel tube
power drill (drill holes into the tube)
tooth picks
rice & beans
wall paper sample books
yarn/ string
pony beads
crep paper
hot glue gun - (to only be used by the teacher!)
rubber bands
masking tape
sharpie markers
scissors/ paper cutter
Check out all of the finished Rainsticks @

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