Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting Geared Up!

I know the conference is 2 months away, but I'm already excited. This will be the third NAEA conference that I will attend, and the first that I will present at! I just read through the schedule and it looks really great. Last year most of the Special Needs (SNAE) Issues Group sessions were overlapping one another, and this year there is about one per hour which is great! I'm also super psyched to see so many of my friends are presenting as well. Certainly ones NOT TO MISS---

Debi West
Donalyn Heise
Mary Silvestri
Pete Curran
Tina Atkinson
Sue Loesl
Debbie Sickler-Voigt
Peter Geiser

Even more exciting... This year will be the first that the SNAE group is putting on a SUPER SESSION! Friday afternoon from 4-5:50 the great Beverly Levett Gerber will be co-presenting with Susan Loesl, Julia Kellman, and Judith Burton.

“Artism”: Understanding Autism through Art Education
4:00-5:50 PM
“Artism” is a term used to describe the “relationship between art and autism.” Explore this relationship as presenters share information on students with autism and the implications for art education.

I can't wait!

Oh and I present on Friday April 16th at 1:00. Please be there! :)

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