Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warhol Tissue Paper Flowers

Inspired by these Warhol prints...

 One of the projects I did for the Frist Center for the Visual Arts summer camp was a tissue paper print. In this instance I had pre-cut tissue paper flowers, had the students arrange the flowers on their white drawing paper and spray them using a water bottle. Once the papers were sprayed, the students pealed their flowers off of their papers, leaving the stain from the colored tissue. *** Make sure when doing this that your art tissue paper is the type that is bleeding.
Day 2 students go back into their artwork with a sharpie marker to draw details around their flowers. There are so many other things you could use to add grass and I do plan on altering this lesson some before bringing it into my classroom this fall, but I very much enjoyed the results! Also the students didn't much care for the outcomes of their works until the next day when they added the details- or at least I got that comment from one student that I remember... not every lesson is fabulous until it's finished!

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  1. I find that a lot of times, or at least once in a while, my students can't picture the end result and kind of look at me like "what were you thinking" when a project is in progress. Some of those questioning students are starting to trust me more and just go along for the ride, then they "get it" when the project is finished! I think there is some possibility here! I love the texture of the grass in Warhol's print so I can't wait to see if you add grass to your lesson. You could maybe print something for grass then cut and glue your printed flowers on top of it?