Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Plans?!

A few updates, I'm first of all excited about teaching at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts again this year. I will be teaching two summer camps, two of each session! Folk Art Fun and Paint N' Play for the 5- 7 year olds! Yay! AND More good news....

I got a new job! I will be one of two art teachers at Metro's NEW Cane Ridge Elementary School for this up coming school year! I'm pretty psyched about a new art room, a new kiln, and new kiddos. I will miss the staff and most of the kids from Shwab for sure, but this school is much closer to home and not extended day- which means I get out of school earlier. YAY!

Another thing that I'm excited about is the Montreal Jazz Festival! At the end of the month I'm flying home to RI to meet up with my dad and step mom and we are  driving to Montreal for the Jazz Festival. They have been to this several times, I haven't ever been to Canada, so I'm pretty stolked about popping the cherry of my virgin pass port!

As they say in my fav movie of all time, "Almost Famous".... "It's all happening!"


  1. Don't mess up the new kiln!! :) hee hee

  2. It sounds like you have some great adventures planned this summer, Rachel. I hope you will post some photos of your summer art class projects and from your trip to Canada. Have a great summer!