Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Technology in the iArt Class

Eventually we all received document cameras to be hooked into our projectors in our school. However, until that happened I used sketchbookx app on my ipad to draw on and have projected over the screen! Here are a few images from that!
Not only is this helping us be greener teachers, but it keeps you organized. You can save your sketches from class to class and easily pick up from where you left off. Very useful for teaching portraiture!


  1. Cool! I got a Promethean board last year, and I'm still figuring out how I can use it to its greatest potential :).

  2. Thanks for the tip! I just downloaded sketchbookx. Love being able to save sketches digitally.

  3. Is it a free program or do you have to pay? Also, how is it on your iPad's battery life? I have an older model and ever since the recent upgrade to IOS 7 I've found that certain programs just EAT my battery.