Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sargent Art- Stands Behind their paint!

At the beginning of 2012, it was the first year for Cane Ridge Elementary. I started with only what I brought with me from my previous school. To get me started, I bought some Sargent Art- Art Time tempera paint at our local hobby lobby. I loved the quality of the paint that Once we were given a budget, I ordered art time gallons. However the gallon paints seem thinner than the pints I had purchased from hobby lobby. The white even cracked really badly as it dried. This year I decided to contact Sargent Art about this issue, and I received a very apologetic and friendly response. The company even sent me a few gallon replacements! This paint was better! THANK YOU SARGENT ART!!!!!

Here is a close up of some q-tipped painted snow from last year, and this year.... 

Last years gallon....

This years gallon....

No cracking in this one! Here is the project that we did :) 

Here is my inspiration for this first grade lesson! 

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