Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What's that smell? Essential Oils in the classroom!

Peppermint is amazing for focus, attention, energizing, and so much more! That is why this is the best essential oil for your classroom diffuser. Lavender is calming, however it isn't uncommon for people to be allergic to it, so I would shy away from other scents. Peppermint is pretty safe!

At the yoga studio, we use diluted oils to clean our yoga matts with, so why not my classroom tables?! Tea tree oil and lavender are mixed together to make a matt cleaner, however I'm sticking with peppermint! I have labeled a couple of spray bottles in my room with decorative duct tape, and diluted a few drops of peppermint oil in some water, and use these to spray the tables with. I pass out a piece of paper towel to each student and let them go to town wiping the tables clean. The students LOVE this! They love to clean and they love the smell! This is a fabulous chemical free way to clean and deodorize your classroom. This is also awesome when you run out of baby wipes! If you're like me, with one sink and 20+ kiddos there is never enough time to wash hands. Kill two birds with one stone. I go around spraying their hands and their tables with the special spray, then they can use their paper towel to clean their hands and then the tables.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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