Monday, August 29, 2016

Day one lesson: school wide mural

Last year for my day 1 lesson I read and did "the Dot." Each student created their own dot, and I had two marvelous parent volunteers that helped hang it for me. Here's a glimpse of what that looked like...

This year I decided to read "Only One You" by Linda Kranz. It's a great day one story and I love any book that encourages students to embrace what makes them unique. Here is the cover of the book. I think it's also worth the mention that Kranz also recently came out with another book similar to this one called "You Be You," which I haven't gotten a hold of yet, but I'm looking forward to it! 

Each student was given a half sheet with the outline of a Kranz fish on it that I actually found on her website here under the teacher tools link, there are all sorts of activities for the classroom that tie into her book! 
Each student in grades K- 4 were asked to create their own patterns on their fish using markers, and color them in using crayons. I didn't give kindergarteners crayons on the first day, that's a lesson for day 2. The next time I saw my students, they were asked to cut out their fish, and given a sheet of construction paper and a tracer. I explained it as they were making a picture frame for their fish. Each grade was given a different color. 

Finally I had one class that I see more often than the rest, they were assigned to create painted paper on the butcher/ bulletin board paper that later became the water underneath. A few trips to the die-cut letters, and a little hot glue, my mural is finished and ready for open house! 

So many fish they wrapped around the corner! 

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