Monday, November 28, 2016

Videos for the Art Class

I love showing students videos about art, art elements, artists. One of my favorite series is "Getting to know the world's famous Artists."

A free resource that is not run by youtube- because I know many school districts do not allow the use of youtube at all- is the Frist Centers Artquest series!

Here is the link :

These are short minute and a half snippets about art elements, design, types of art, and artists. The students love them, and because they were made and aired in Nashville, some of my students are familiar with the series or the places that are shown in the video clips.

What are some of your favorite videos?

Art is all around you!

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  1. This is a YouTube site, but there are ways you can download a video to your computer at home and then play it at school. This is one of my blogs: I originally created it so that I would have a source of pre-viewed videos that I knew were safe to play in my art room.