Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From African Masks to Picasso Collages...

The week after the students completed their African masks we switched gears and looked at Picasso's portraits. We talked about geometric shapes and viewing a face from more than one view. The students practiced drawing like Picasso in their sketchbooks, then created a collage and drew their Picasso faces on top of the collages. The results were mixed like anything other projects that we do here at KDS, but several turned out pretty decent! Check out the final results on our Artsonia account! (Link @ the top of the page!)
Sketchbook work
Teacher Sample and Picasso Artwork


  1. These are really cool!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the student's work. I enjoy it so much. jan

  3. These are great projects to teach students how to assemble paper in such a way as to create an original composition.

    I recently used Picasso's painting "Three Musicians" to introduce Picasso and the way he created his collages.

    Thanks for sharing