Monday, March 29, 2010

Picasso Picasso and more Picasso

I am so in love with my fellow art teachers' blogs! I recently stole a fantastic idea from Dali's Moustashe of these marvelous blue Picasso collaged guitars. Following the African masks and the more recent Picasso collage Cubists portraits we studied the parts of a guitar and created our own abstract guitars.

Picasso Exemplar Images

The students were able to choose the body type of the guitar that they liked best. My fantastic teacher's aid pre-cut out several basic shapes for the students to use out of black and what construction paper as well as newspaper. As finishing touches the students used yarn for their guitar strings and cut paper towel tubs as the inverse of the sound hole- just like Picassos wicked sculptures. They students could not wait to do this assignment after seeing examples on the board.

Student Artworks


  1. Hello I am an art teacher as well and I love this lesson
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