Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some days you just want to SCREAM!

Recently I saw this lesson on Artsonia. I used the Scream by Edvard Munch to demonstrate a taste of perspective to some of my students- and others just had fun making the face and exploring expression in their versions of the painting. When working with students with special needs, the most basic level of perspective that you can teach them is the idea that when things are closer to you that they are larger then when they are farther way. This is illustrated by the fence that runs diagonally through Munch's painting. I will be posting most of these artworks by the students as it is Artsonia's rule to not post student artwork that depicts a photograph of the students themselves in it... for security purposes.


  1. These are a fun idea.
    I found your blog by linking through another blog I follow. I am also a new art teacher blogger - well, actually I'm a new blogger, but definitely NOT a new art teacher at 30+ years... Anyhow, I love looking at everyone's ideas and have begun sharing mine but am still a beginning blogger. Please check out my blog: There's a Dragon in my Art Room. You'll find it at

  2. Love this project! I am having my 4th and 5th grade work on it right now and they only got to use their heads, everything else was drawn. They loved it!!!