Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super Sunflowers!

Inspired by Vincent VanGogh's Sunflowers, the students of KDS create their own versions of sunflowers for the classroom bulletin board. This lesson is an altered version of Nasco's Lesson that I got the plan for from their booth at the convention this year. My students colored using oil pastels and glued beans in the centers to mimic sunflowers' seeds. This lesson is particularly good for students with special needs because it helps them work on their fine motor skills when handling the beans! They turned out wicked cute!


  1. I love the big do your best at the top, such a nice colourful piece of work for the art room

  2. What would be really cool is to use sunflower seeds

  3. I agree about the sunflower seeds, the lesson called for beans and I already had beans left over from another project- convenience won in this case.