Thursday, July 1, 2010

Interactive Art... "Play me I'm yours"

Quick update, my students are working on a wall mural at school this week- I'm not there because I sprained BOTH my ankles this past weekend during my yART sale Saturday. BLAH So I am stuck here in the house and can't do too much of anything... except play on the computer and watch movies. So on facebook this morning, a band mate of mine from high school was tagged in an article and featured playing pianos in many photos of this new exhibit throughout the city of New York. Several pianos. which are decorated beautifully, are placed all over the city with stickers on them that say "play me I'm yours" and "sing for hope." Anyone can stop and play these piece of public art and become part of it! Much like other projects such as 1000 journals, you can go online and upload your videos, photos, and stories of your interactions with the piece onto the artists website! Street pianos have been exhibited in cities all over the world and are currently set up in london and in nyc. Go check them out for yourselves either in person or online!
pictured: Michael Chicoria 


  1. I wish I'd known about this...I just got back from NYC, would have loved to have taken part!This sounds wonderful!
    Hope you heal quickly!

  2. amazing, looks and sounds beautiful and fun.
    thanks for sharing with us