Monday, March 28, 2011

Cover Girl! Of a Teachers Magazine!

So the secretary from the King's Daughers' School (my first teaching job,) texted me today that I was on the cover of SEEN magazine. I thought it was a joke, but knew she wasn't the type of kid around like that. I responded, huh? South Eastern Education Network Magazine! Didn't even know it existed until I found out that I am currently on the cover! It isn't the most flattering photo ever, but I do really cherish it, since I do after all still have a copy of it hanging in my current classroom. In the magazine there is an article about making residential schools feel like home, and wrote about KDS.  Here is the link!


  1. You're a celeb!!

    I have a picture of me from our local newspaper playing broomball- totally unrelated to art or education.. but I still have it hung up in my classroom! haha

  2. I do enjoy visiting your blog.
    It is great to see art teachers on covers of educational magazines.


  3. Congratulations Rachel!! What an honor! It is a lovely photo by the both look like you are having such a great time together. Best, Vicki