Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Update

So it has been a very busy but good summer. I went to Montreal with my family, watched fireworks on the beach for the fourth, taught summer camp, went to TN Arts Academy, and now I'm setting up my brand new classroom! Here are a few pictures from all of my adventures.

Dad checking out a bonsai tree.

Japanese Tea Garden inside of the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Montreal's Art Museum featuring Jim Dine Heart sculptures in the front!

A healthy treat at the festival!

Jazz Festival

Tennessee Arts Academy 2012: Crayola Dream Makers Curriculum Connections
Literacy Word Heads/ Multiplication Quilt

Model Magic bug sculpture inside a terrarium, made from an empty 2 litter bottle.

Learning critical thinking through piecing together an art exhibit!

I learned how to sew books! 

Wednesday night banquet with some good friends :)

My new school... more still to come!

This is where my kiln will be going!   Cabinets, counter space, and a utility sink!

Bright colors everywhere! This is just a small section of hallway!

Four computer stations to go in the back of my room :)

The room is coming together, my orange accent wall :)

The view of the super cute playground from my classroom.

I've been in my classroom all last week, and attended an art teacher inservice yesterday. I'll continue to post updates as the new school year begins!

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