Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm Ready!!!!!

I am officially having kidlets come to my classroom today :) I am very ready and excited to see them all! Here is a sneak peak into my BRAND NEW CLASSROOM!

Book Shelve/ Storage Closet

Counter tops and my BIG crayola crayon that my sweetie won for me at the TN fair last fall :)

Our TN standards in kid friendly terms!

My white board with principals and elements above it :) 

Behavior Management!
If you are regular followers of my blog you may have seen my "How Blue Are You" Board last year that I stole from Mr. E... because he's amazing! This year I wanted to do a different spin on it, and found this idea on pinterest! Instead of using a dial/ and colored strips, I'm using the letters ART which you can see in the photo above, when students are being great I don't touch the letters. If students are acting up, rather than turning a dial from blue to yellow, I'll flip over one of the letters. If all letters remain during the class then for their class pocket they earn a "crayon" strip. Rewards to follow at the end of the quarter ;)

Individual management!
Above you see a blue and yellow paper with a smile and a frown. These are my new happy and sad charts. If a student is being outstanding I'll have them put their name on the happy chart. If they are being fussy, the sad chart. Both sheets are laminated and I stuck a dry erase marker to the wall with velcro! Also I have my passes hanging on the door. If students are on the happy chart when the class period is over, then they get to pick a prize. I know what you're thinking, prizes get expensive! Well walmart clearance all of their teacher stuff down to 10 cents yesterday! I bought over 300 hundred items, for $30+ and within each package are multiple erasers, gel pens, pencils, stickers, etc. I am well stocked! If you are a teacher and haven't checked out their 10 cent aisle yet, GO!

The entrance to the art room!

Word wall solution. 
Again, inspired by Mr. E... I laminated all of my words after writing them down on fluorescent paper, stuck a magnet strip on the back and there you have it! 

The front                             The students tables

I hope you enjoyed peaking in! As always I love hearing from you all... let me know if you have any questions on anything I posted! Suggestions are always welcomed to!


  1. Love that shade of orange, looks great! I love the first day... Wish that kind of tidiness could last a little longer... Sigh

  2. Love your room! All of you who have started school and have your rooms ready are inspiring me to get up to school this week and get going with my own rooms! My district doe not go back until after Labor Day. Have a great school year! :)