Monday, August 27, 2012

iPad teacher app "planbook" is a must have!

So this year I'm at a new school with a new wackado elementary schedule. Some classes I see once a week, others twice. It is really hard to keep track of where you left off with a class as it is without there being some classes that are way far ahead because simply you see them more! Anyway I recently took advantage of Tennessee's tax free weekend before back to school and bought myself an iPad. If you are a teacher out there of any kind you can benefit from this marvelous app called plan book. I was never good at keeping up with a handwritten plan book but this one on my iPad is just want I needed to help keep me organized! Check out the screen shot below and see what I mean :)

Lastly I will also say that webehave is another fabulous must have teacher app! For privacy sake I did not take a screen shot of that, but I will say it is helping me keep track of notes I send home, parent communication, and in the event of needing a full history say for an iep meeting or support team it can come in real handy!


  1. Oooohhh - that looks marvelous! Wish there was an iPad in my future...

  2. So I read reviews and they said there were problems with plan book crashing. Also is it easy to send a PDF of your lesson plans in this app, because I need to be able to do that.

  3. Wonderful that you can color code.... Does anyone know if there's something similar for android????