Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prang Product Review

Another fabulous company that has asked for my review is Dixon Ticonderoga which produces Prang art materials. Today I dived into these materials and the results are obvious... Prang supplies are really awesome!

Prang sent me 2 watercolor sets, a Prang set and a Rose Art set. The Rose Art set as seen on the left, must have started to melt during the shipping because the paper/ cardboard inside the case got stuck to the paint and ripped when I tried to pull it out! Rose Art is not the best quality :(

Below you can see the differences between the brown and the purple watercolors as tested on paper. The Prang is definitely bolder and brighter when tested up against the Rose Art colors.

I also tested the Prang purple marker up against my trusted crayola marker. The Prang is much brighter, however honestly, for the price I am sticking with crayola. If I was fortunate to have an unset budget I could order them then, however, Crayola is more economical.
The colored pencils that they sent me are pretty amazing. I really love the size of these colored pencils! Twice the size of the crayola, which will last longer, and easier to handle for little ones with their triangular shape! Nice work Prang! You have some very nice products!

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