Sunday, August 25, 2013

Smilemakers incentives

Behavior management is always an issue in the classroom. If a teacher does not have a plan in place, then they can count on the students running the show. One of the tricks that I have picked up on in my nearly 6 years of teaching is that positive behavior reinforcement is the more affective than negative attention. 

This summer, smilemakers approached me about my blog and wanted me to test out one of their products. 
I thought that this was a great opportunity to snag some incentives for this coming school year. I picked the 

So far the kiddos are loving the little incentives I have been handing out to them. As far as what is in the bucket there are some items that the kids love, and a few that they give me the "what is that?" Look. 

Here is a photo of some things the kids really like. A funny pencil topper, eraser top, pencil sharpener, and a note pad. These are practical and fun. 

The kiddos are not so hot on these, they are little buttons. One says happy birthday, and the other welcome to school. The students do not understand what they are for, nor do I entirely. 

Finally there are these included in the bucket as well... Little plastic rulers with animal heads. 
I'm indifferent on these. Some kiddos think they are cool, others give me the "what is this" look. 

All and all I would recommend buying one of their sample bins for your reward system, treasure box, whatever you have in your classroom. The bucket seems to be bottomless, and the kids are enjoying their prizes!

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  1. Bet the buttons are for hooking into the spaces on crocs... awhile back some of my students were into that!